20 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work!

weight loss tips

I’m pretty sure most of you are thinking that weight loss is all about exercising and eating less. Don’t get me wrong, it is 100% true, but there are so many little tips and tricks that will help you drop some weight. Also, these 20 weight loss tips will make your life much healthier if you are able doing them consistently.

I also wrote an article about the reasons why you are not losing weight. I recommend you to read it as well. I’m sure it might be very helpful to you.

Let’s get started with this “20 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work” list.
1. Don’t skip meals.

This one (skipping meals) is one of the most critical mistakes people do. Skipping meals can put your system in starvation mode, and invite some whacky blood sugar fluctuations that can lead to intense cravings, and overeating later on. To stabilize your blood sugar and hormones – avoid skipping meals.

2. Time your meals.

Eating at consistent times throughout the day can optimize your system’s ability to metabolize this food, and keep your blood sugar levels stable!

3. Read food labels.

It is a little smart tip. If you start reading labels on foods that you eat every day, I bet you will find ones that contain too many calories. Throw away these and find another that have fewer calories.

4. Enjoy healthy fats.

At this moment you might be confused. I know it sounds strange but there are fats that are healthy and help you losing weight. These fats are known as monounsaturated fats. They help you with bad cholesterol and strengthen your immune system.

5. Meditate.

How meditating can help you drop some weight? Here is a simple answer to this question. It is a well-known fact that people are eating more while they are stressed, and meditating relief stress. So better for you to start meditating.

6. Steam your veggies.

Steaming is a fantastic way to consume food. Also steaming helps conserve all those powerful nutrients and requires no oil.

7. Don’t shop on an empty stomach!

This is one of the most valuable weight loss tips. Grab some fruit like apple or banana or some nuts before going for grocery. If you go shopping hungry, you are most likely to find yourself eating the unhealthiest snack on earth. It should be like a rule. Don’t shop on an empty stomach!

20 weight loss tips that work

8. Write a grocery list.

You can make your grocery list while eating some healthy snack (tip 7). If you know exactly what you need to buy, you are less likely to scope these tempting snacks and candies risking your weight loss efforts.

9. Drink more water.

Water is acting as an appetite suppressant. I already wrote an article on how drinking more water helps you at weight loss.

10. Keep some healthy snacks near you.

It is good to have some fruits, veggies or nuts near you at any time when the hunger strikes. This way the chance of eating some harmful food is less.

11. Use smaller plates.

This trick will help you to reduce the amount of food you’re consuming. And everyone knows that less food = fewer calories.

12. Brush your teeth after a meal.

This is a very clever tactic that will prevent eating a post-meal snack, especially before bed.

13. Wear tighter clothes to dinner.

When you eat, your stomach expands – this is natural. By wearing tighter pants or shirt, you will feel that expansion faster. It will send signals to your brain that you are feeling full.

14. Don’t skip breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a breakfast speeds up your metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels throughout the day and keeps hunger hormones in check. Here are 5 healthy breakfast ideas.

15. Buy an inspirational outfit.

Inspiration is a key part of weight loss. Get your time to invest in sexy, skinny outfit and hang it up as a visual reminder of the goal you’re working towards.

16. Exercise in the AM.

It might sound ironic, but exercising earlier can actually boost your energy levels. You might be interested in how to make the morning workout a habit.

17. Start using spices.

Start adding all kind of spices to your meals. They could make your food taste better and will boost your metabolism too. Here is an article about foods that will boost your metabolism.

18. Eat with your non-dominant hand.

Did you ever try eating with your non-dominant hand? If yes, you’re most likely know that you will eat much slower than usual and obviously consuming fewer calories.

19. Healthy foods have calories too.

Sure, foods like nut butter and guacamole contain powerful health benefits, but they come at a caloric price. So enjoy them in moderation!

20. Pass on the creamer.

Small things like the creamer in your coffee can make a significant accumulation of unwanted pounds. Ditch the creamer and opt for milk instead, or even better – start drinking your coffee black. See how coffee can help you lose weight.

These were 20 weight loss tips that work. I hope every one of you will find at least one tip that will work for him.

If you tried any other tips that work, please feel free to write as a comment below.

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