5 Healthy Breakfasts That Are Easy To Prepare

healthy breakfast

Breakfast is may be the most important meal of the day. Many people often miss breakfast or eat something unhealthy. Most of them say that they do not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast before work. People believe that healthy breakfasts cannot be prepared quickly. It’s a very bad habit to skip breakfast.

I think there are many things anyone can prepare for breakfast. They do not even take a long time, plus – they are healthy. I’ll give you five examples of what you can do next time for breakfast.

1. Oat flakes

oatmeal for healthy breakfasts

Oat flakes are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. For a long time, they will keep you full, definitely a fresh start of the day. You can make them with fresh milk or with yogurt. Some people will find it tasteless – you can put a spoonful of honey. This is probably the fastest breakfast we will list.

2. Еggs

eggs for healthy breakfast

You can eat them in several ways. The first is to boil them. It does not take more than 10 minutes, and you can boil them at previous night so you have more free time in the morning. The other option is to make an omelette or fry them. Eggs are rich in protein, which is good to get as soon as we get up.

3. Fruits

fruit salad for healthy breakfast

A fruit salad for breakfast would be very appropriate. The only thing that is required of you to prepare it is to pick up the bowl and cut the fruit into it.


smoothie for healthy breakfast

You can make it from fruits or vegetables. One of the best ways to get the vitamins needed for the day. It is perfect for people who seek to eat healthily. Check out smoothie blenders at Amazon.

5. Pancakes

banana pancakes for healthy breakfast

Making pancakes will take a little longer, but they are a great healthy breakfast.

  • Oat pancakes.

For oat pancakes, you need 1 ounce of fine oatmeal, 1 egg, and water. It is possible that the oat flakes are soaked in water in advance to soften. Mix with egg and water and prepare the mixture on the pan.

  • Banana pancakes.

For banana pancakes, the products are 2 eggs, 1 banana, and some soda (soda is optional). Cut the banana and smash it with a fork. In a separate bowl, mix the eggs with the soda. Pour the eggs on the banana puree and mix the mixture to homogeneity. You can smear the pan with butter before pouring the mix in it.

I hope you liked the examples of healthy breakfast. Here are listed foods that are good for people on a diet.

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